Labour Has Official Documents That The US Is Demanding The UK's National Health Service

Labour has obtained official documents showing that the US is demanding the UK's National Health Service be “on the table” in talks on a post-Brexit trade deal, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Corbyn said the documents covered six rounds of talks from July 2017 to “just a few months ago” and said the meetings took place in Washington and London.

He said the documents showed that the US and UK were closer to a deal than people expected and that discussions had already been concluded on lengthening patents. “One of the reasons for US drug prices being on average 250% of those here is a patent regime rigged for the big pharmaceutical companies,” he said.

In response to the leak, Johnson has insisted that "there will be absolutely no sale of the NHS. The NHS is not on the table in any way."

According to our political correspondent Andrew Sparrow, very few things that happen in election campaigns turn out to be a game-changer, but this may turn out to have enough weight to make the grade.

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