20% Payback On Startup Australian Fuel Purchases In Tokens

Australian startup Incent programs to provide a 20% payback in its INCNT token on gas buys at United Petrol channels for a restricted time.

Incent announced inside a press release released on Sept. 26 that individuals must subscribe on its system and sync their lender accounts to be able to have the tokens. The company also claims that this crypto asset involved is “Australia's 1st cryptocurrency for several buys at United Petrol channels.”


United Petrol reportedly is the owner of over 450 channels across Australia. Per the news release, the system’s benefit over traditional company-emitted points is the fact that those tokens can't be devalued or discontinued by the business and that we now have no plastic credit cards or friction. Incent CEO Rob Wilson described:


“Giving customers something of actual value instead of points that may expire or just become redeemed under rigid conditions is among Incent's key variations. But it is also how are you affected beneath the bonnet that means it is truly compelling. As soon as a user offers synced their bank-account, rewards are released instantly. Customers can literally conserve as they invest, seamlessly.”


Lastly, the writer of the launch describes that any client who enrolled in the support and synced their bank-account will automatically get 20% of these fuel price at United Petrol back to their Incent accounts as token benefits.

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