Non-farm Payrolls Live Coverage Cmcmarkets Webinars

CmcMarkets hosted new "Non-farm Payrolls Live Coverage' Webinars 

During the webinar you can:

Tune in to CmcMarkets analyst discuss how the non-farm payrolls figure affects popular instruments such as, similar to the UK 100, US SPX 500, US 30, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, Gold, Silver,  crude oils.

Discover what impact the information has on costs, depending on whether the figure is higher or lower than forecast

Identify potential trading opportunities around this US employment data

Join: Non-farm Payrolls Live Coverage

Date: 07, Jun 2019 - FRI 13:15 

Hosted By:

Michael Hewson

Michael holds over 25 years' experience trading the financial markets, specializing in technical analysis.

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