Latest Forex Live Contest List For November 2020

Forex Live trading contest is a trade war for real account traders where participants compete to win prizes and show their skills.

This contest is a good chance to win a big prizes such as a car, iPhone, Laptop and big cash amount ($10,000 USD).

Forex Live Contest is for skilled and experienced traders, if you are a beginner our recommendation to start with forex no deposit bonus.

It is not for beginners or newbie traders, it involves real funds that makes it riskey. You should lost your total funds. Every traders focuse to gain highest profit and the most gainer will elected the winners.

Latest Trading Competition Lists 2020

Tickmill Trader Of The Month Contest
The broker Tickmill has been launched a brand new live trading contest for live traders. They named the contest as "Trader of the Month Contest".
Trade To Ride Forex Draw Contest By XM
"Trade to Ride", announced with some incredible prizes including Yamaha V3, Samsung S10+. A total of 10 prize winners will be declared after the draw
JustForex Sunny Forex Trading Contest
The broker just announced the Sunny trading contest for Standard, Pro, or Raw Spread account holders. A trader can join in the contest with a $100 balance
JustForex Summer Trading Contest
This is an incredible live contest for traders because it's will live for only 18 days. The highest profit gainer will receive $500 prize money.
Million Dollar Live Trading Contest 2020
They are offering to the contest with no entry fee. In the contest, they are providing $50,000 in each qualifying round of semifinal.
ForexTime Credit Bonus: $200 Free Bonus
The broker announced a free $200 bonus or equivalent with other currencies. One winner will get the free credit in the every week.
FXTM $70000 Masters Of Meta Live Contest
FXTM live contest: Join the FXTM's biggest ever contest, the broker hosted a new contest for both old and new clients.

Forex Live Contest 2019

A bit more for you...

At this point you might think real trading competition is good or bad? Don't worry! It was an alert for you to become more serious. Your, negligence should be cause of your fund lossing.

Before participating in a contest, must ensure you have a good risk management strategy. You are going to participate though live trading account.

How does forex live contest work

How Does a Forex Live Contest Work?

There are so many brokers are offering Forex live trading contest in 2020, everyone has different criteria. Every brokers has different trading terms, withdrawal condtions and uniqe prizes.

Participating in a contest just not the end, you have to complete so many things to be a winner. So, read the contest terms and trading rules carefully before take a part in live trading competitions.

How to Choose the Right Forex Trading Contest?

Winning a live contest you need good skill, strategy, and luck, if all thing comes at the same time, You should be elected as a winner! To win a prizes you need to choose a right forex broker.

First of all, you have to look at your trading skill. If you think you have the ability to fight with other traders, you can proceed otherwise our suggestion get some experience from the forex demo contest.

Then, find a reliable broker, who is offering the an amazing prizes with some easy conditions that you can pass.

After choosing a few contests, look out the contest terms of condition very carefully. Only go for that which you can fill up terms and conditions.

How to be a forex competition winner?

how to win a real competition

To become a winner you need a solid strategy. A proven strategy bring a good confidence. Your past experience will help you to make a perfect plan.

Winning a forex live contest, youou have to maintain a good time frame. You should follow this:

1. Star with enough funds.

2. Before opening a trader check the market news, politicial issues and previous graph.

3. If your first trading is become sucessfull, keep continue.

4. Top achivement - highest profit gainer will win the prizes!

How to join in a live trading contest in 2020?

Joining a competition is not a hard task. Every brokers describe this procedure on their contest page. Here a common procedure to join any contest:

1. Register with the broker who is offering forex live trading contest.

2. Verify your account, if need to provid documents (i.e: NID, Utilitiy Bill), must complete.

3. If need to register for the contest, follow and register

4. After registration make a good deposit

6. Follow the market and start trading to become a live competition winner!

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Martin chepel 2019 September, 7, 04:32:38 AM
Brokers are arranging contests to grab more money from traders. It is not easy to win a contest. If you got, winning track broker will try to disqualify from winning track.
Roy Morison 2019 August, 5, 01:41:59 PM
After reading this article. I realize how tough to win a contest. Which people are doing this risky contest?
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