Special Forex Live Contest List - 2019

Simply it's a fight for real traders. Where Traders are fighting for the contest prize. In this contest, every trader is starting the contest with the same parameters such as the same capital at a time. There is a great chance to win a big prize such as a car/$10000 USD. Traders are fighting for these prizes. But you should remember that you will trade with your money. Actually, it's a risky trading type cause of you may be lost your money on this contest. Everyone will try to score the highest score here and when everyone tries, many will lose their capital. Because in competition, they will risk trading, and in this way, they will lose their money.


Forex4You $3095 USD Trading Hero Contest
Participate Forex4You trading $3095 USD hero contest and win upto $400 USD per month. The contest is available for Asian traders .
$5000 Golden Trading Contest - JustForex
JustForex lunches new golden trading contest for real traders.
Osprey FX $80K Prize Competition
Osprey FX announced $80,000 USD trading competition for live account traders.
Race For $300,000 Prizes On Tiomarkets
This competition is not offering a big amount to share in this competition, just deposit $50 and take part in this competition.
Alpari Trader Wars Live Contest
In this contest traders can win $27,000 prize money in a year. The contest divided into two groups called “Bulls” and “Bears”.
TENKO FX  Samurai Live Contest
Tenko Fx announced “THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI” Monthly live trading contest.This contest is designed to develop traders self-discipline and control their emotions.
LMFX Ultimate Trading Contest
join the rates of LMFX's Ultimate Investors. Make it to the most notable and you have the opportunity of receiving
IronFX-GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE Live contest with $10,000 Cash prize or a special tour on GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE France also can meet up with most experienced driver
ForexChief Offering “Fast Warren”Contest
ForexChief announced “Fast Warren” live trading contest with $2100 USD prize money. Each month top 10 traders can win this contest.
Monthly 30 Winer On Forex4you Contest
Total 3095 Dollars prize money on Forex4you live trading hero competition. Monthly 30 people can win prize on this contest.

Forex Live Contest

What do you thinking? Am I saying trading contests are bad? No, I'm just alerting you, if you are not careful, your account balance may end at any time. One thing you should remember about forex live contests is that they really test the limits of your risk management rules. Because of your intention to win the contest- and the fact if you are playing on demo contest- you may take risks that you wouldn't take on your own live trading account. What is to prevent a player from "betting the farm" on each trading? You're not going to lose genuine cash by doing as such and you'll just lose the game.

How does it work?

How it's work?

There are so many brokers are offering Forex live trading contest, everyone is offering with different criteria. Every broker is setting their own trading rules and prizes. So we can't say appropriately how it's working. But you will see in almost all the contests that you have to earn more points/profit/ gain to win the contest.

How to choose the best Forex live trading contest?

First of all look at your trading skill if you think you have the ability to fight with other traders. Then find which brokers are offering the most valuable prizes. If you choose your contest then look out the contest terms of condition. Then read carefully the terms of the competition, and see if you can fight to trade with the trader in this trading skill?

How to win the contest?

1. Try all the time to invest a little more money.

2. Always aim to keep an eye on the news that influences the forex market.

3. If you see the temporary success of any other trader, do not get in touch with it.

4. You must be on the top to win the contest.

Common Applying method:

1. Select an account type

2. Register with a broker who is offering forex live trading contest.

3. Verify your identity by your national ID/ Passport

4. Deposit a minimum required amount to your account.

5. Join the live trading contest

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Martin chepel 2019 September, 7, 09:32:38 AM
Brokers are arranging contests to grab more money from traders. It is not easy to win a contest. If you got, winning track broker will try to disqualify from winning track.
Roy Morison 2019 August, 5, 06:41:59 PM
After reading this article. I realize how tough to win a contest. Which people are doing this risky contest?
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