Top 10 Forex Deposit Bonuses 2019

What is Forex Deposit Bonus?

forex deposit bonus

Forex Deposit Bonus is live trading account deposit booster for real traders. The bonus will increase your investment. Example 40% deposit bonus: If you deposit $100 then it will be increased at $140.

Once you open a live account on a forex broker's website you will try to take less risk on your capital, there's forex deposit bonus comes. It means increasing the trading capital to trade with more comfort. Generally, it took 10% - 100% on your first deposit, though some brokers allow without time restriction upon deposit. They will provide you the balance on your account. Not quite instantly, they will ask you to verify identity and current location by providing documents. But if you are not an experienced trader please start with a free welcome bonus.

The campaign is often spoked by novice traders and who got their decision to invest and check their luck on Forex. As their demands, broker houses offer attractive deposit bonus campaigns in order to get new clients. There are thousands of brokers around the world nowadays, so you should be cautious about choosing one of them. At ForexVolumes - we've decided to check and publish some of forex broker's offer to check from our users as well.

You will wonder after seeing an offer such a 500% deposit bonus 2019. As a common fact - you will have your interest to get it. The bad thing is many traders don't know how to choose a bonus anyway. The bigger volume of bonus makes them more interested than the final calculation. In fact, a big figure isn't big in Forex trading promotions. A smart and attentive forex trader would like to read terms and conditions first before opening his account. Because sometimes you have successfully traded but the broker won't let you withdraw.

New Forex Deposit Bonus Offers List 2019

forex deposit bonus


The government changes financial policies from time to time, it makes finance commissions stricter often. As a result, top and loyal broker don't offer such attractive promos which can harm their reputation. If you don't want to take your long research over and over for every possible broker houses - we're shortlisting some of those offers below. The rest of it is - your consideration and intelligence, to decide which one or more to pick.


25% Deposit Bonus With AMARKETS
Get 25% deposit bonus from amarkets and bonus is available for new clients. 100% tradeable bonus.
FxPrimus 100% Deposit Bonus
Fxprimus 100% deposit bonus for old and new clients. Get the bonus and make double your fund in metatrader 4 trading platform.
Forexoptimum 100% Trading Margin Bonus
Forexoptimum offering to start forex trading with them by claiming their 100% deposit bonus. But, It is only used as a margin and not for drawdown purposes.
FXTM $300 Deposit Bonus
This limited-time promotion is applicable for all CFD’S in Forex and Standard MT4/MT5, ECN MT4/MT, ECN ZERO MT4/MT5 accounts. 
AAFX Trading 30% Re-Deposit Bonus 2019
AAFX trading offering 30% re-deposit bonus from $500 Deposits. You will get 60 days to trade your bonus, you can withdraw your profit
Fxprimus 30% Trading Deposit Bonus
Fxprimus offering 30% trading bonus to amplify your trading journey. Fxprimus providing this exclusive bonus to their existing and also new clients up to $1500.
JustForex Offering Up To $20,000 Bonus
JustForex offering up to $20,000 USD Deposit bonus on highest 115% bonus offer. Different bonus depends on deposit amounts.
EasyMarkets 50% Deposit Bonus
Easymarkets offering up to 50% deposit bonus on first deposit. This offer for only new clients who didn’t make a deposit yet on Easymarkets.
Fxtm $8/lot Cashback Deposit Bonus
FXTM offers new deposit booster bonus for new and old clients. The promotion is up to $8 per lot Cashback for two weeks.
Double Balance On Your Deposit
100% Welcome Deposit Bonus on deposit on FxPrimus for existing clients and new clients

So, How Does the Deposit Promotion Work?

how deposit bonus works

Thing are not as simple, you made a deposit via any acceptable payment methods and they will add it to the account balance. They might ask for verification. Before applying for a bonus - you should make some things ready:

  • You have to valid photo identity or passport
  • Bank statement or water bill or any kind of utility bill to prove the area of residency
  • Secure personal email address
  • Your trading and securely maintained a phone number
  • Find which account type is eligible for deposit bonus offer
  • You must read terms and conditions for the campaign, don't get hijacked by excitements

If you're prepared with all requirements of those then send a contact email or chat with them via live chat support, if available. After opening an account, the broker could assign a person for managing your account. If you already have an email or phone call from account manager then this is good for limiting troubles. After a few hours, the deposit bonus should be added on your account. For any trouble, you are free to talk to them.

Type of Deposit Bonuses

In general concept, you will upload funds to them, they will increase the percentage of your invested amount of equity. But, there are some verities too. Let's check it out -

First Time Only:

This promotion is available for once after opening an account with the broker. Often, these kinds of promo restrict time and location. Before applying for the first time offers you should check the term if it fits for you.

High Margin Bonus:

Not for the first timer or new traders, only available for high margin traders. The broker offers it usually they provide it to their loyal and VIP customers only. After many days of successful trading relation - it's a favor from the broker, both get benefited in this campaign.

Regular % of Bonus on Every Deposit:

Some brokers always keep a forex deposit bonus offer for their customers on their investments. Traders who already found their favorite broker - the regular bonus with deposit is such a favor to them.

Choosing the Best Promotion: the Fact in 2019

Let's assume you're dealing with a broker who has an offer of 100% forex deposit promotion. After formal things are done -depositing $500 you've got the opportunity to trade in your MT4 or MT5 or whatever you use. You didn't make any big profit though you've $1000 balance on your account. And now you want to withdraw $200 for important online payment. The fact is - you won't able to do so because the money is mixed now. As no open trade currently - a broker should let you do it, if not try to get rid of the broker.

The worse experience from the various trader is - in order to get complete % of bonus - a hard way have to walk away. A big lot of trade may require in order to prosper the balance. Typically it took $10,000 of trade for every buck ($1) in real balance. If you're not familiar with lots and such forex common terms best suggestion is to avoid any investment and understand forex first.

It could make you unreliable to trade in forex, you can read Forex bonus does it works at all to have better knowledge on forex bonuses. The other important thing is did you lost your capital from any forex trade? Or having lost money over and over again? You might want to read How to recover from loss on our forex blog.

Final Words for Live Traders

Every trader has his own policy to get return profits so the broker does. If you're thinking about grabbing up that bonus in your pocket smoothly then most probable future is you're wrong. The strong suggestion is - keep it in your mind that everyone has their own policy to make money. If you think they are stupid then it could inversely truth to you. In fact, you should find a reasonable cause to decide to participate in a broker's campaign. The main reason to announce a bonus is to attract clients - in case of a broker. But as a trader, your main reason to participate could be "if it fits with your trading idea”. If it can't adapt your trading methodology then don't waste your valuable time as well as money.

Yet, we have found several entries from agents and broker houses, without any recommendation you can research on your own with these offers. We will publish according to entry submits these items.

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Theresa T. Bean 2019 September, 10, 09:40:48 AM
A lot of brokers are providing deposit bonuses. How I can find good broker? I heard regulated brokers also scamming with traders.
Binoy Sarkar 2019 August, 22, 02:01:22 AM
Thinking about deposits but it is so hard for me to take the decision. Where should I invest? Who can provide me flexible trading experience?
Jaber Ali 2019 July, 27, 10:21:26 AM
You explained a lot of deposit bonus types. I am in a little confusion can you answer me. Below the questions.
1->First Time Only. It's mean Welcome Bonus?
2->High Margin Bonus. Can you explain more about this type?
Devid Simon 2019 July, 26, 05:42:31 AM
Looks Good! Last April I was start my trading with FXTM by depositing $100, But I failed to earn profit. But I have still interested in Forex Trading. Can you people suggest me a Good broker where from I can got profit. Thank you.
xufal nando 2019 May, 26, 10:10:22 PM
Great stuff! Thanks for this detailed information. But sometimes some brokers don't give the right amount of deposit bonus they offer. And sometimes broker doesn't allow to withdraw.
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