Grand Capital Micro Trade Contest With Balance Ranging From $50 To $200.

Is going to you be already a successful trader? Test your trading skills in the grand capital live trading contest! Every last week of the month take the part on real Micro trading account with accounts balance ranging from just 50 USD dollars to $200 and become a winner out of 10 and get 10% to 300% of the difference in the account equity.

Grand Capital Live contest

Advantage: The main prize is Account equity difference is 300%.

Connect Affix: GTM Micro Trade Contest

Registration: until 3/25/2019

Contest time: Every last Week of the month

Clauser time: Monday at 3 pm and ends on Friday at 3 pm (terminal time).


Contest prize:

          1. 1st place – Account equity difference is the 300%

          2. 2nd place – Account equity difference is the 50%

          3. 3rd place – Account equity difference is the 20%

          4. 4th – 10th  place – Account equity difference is the 10%

Applying method:

          1. Register on Grand Capital.

          2. Verify your account

          3. Deposit $50 to $200 on your account

          4. Start trading.

Terms and conditions:

          •  Participants can trade on MT4/Web Trader

          • Registration will ends 1 hour before the contest start.

          • Free Participations.

          • Account Equity at the end of the micro trade contest minus Account Equity at the                         beginning of the micro trade contest.

          • The contest is held on only grand capital real Micro trading account with balance ranging               from $50 to $200.

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