FXCM Africa Trading Contest-$1,000 In Monthly Cash Prizes & $700 In FXCM Apps Coupons

FXCM Live Contest

Hello, Africans it is your time to enjoy trading with FXCM, Join Monthly Forex Trading Contest and win $1,000 Prizemoney. The leading Broker FXCM giving you $1,000 USD prize money on the live trading contest. Show your trading criteria, skill, technique, and win real Cash Prizes. You are getting extra facilities on this contest, in this contest you will get 1k lot sizes and up to 400:1leverage. So get ready to join this contest?


Advantage: Trade Bitcoin, Forex, stock indices and commodities from a single account and also you are getting 1k lot sizes with 400:1 leverage.

Contest Prize

Connect Affix: FXCM Contest Africa

Contest Time: Each month from the beginning.

Clouser Time: Each month at the ending.

Contest Prizes:

          1. $500

          2. $250

          3. $100 ( for 4th place to 10th place )

Availbale to: All clients.

Withdrawn: Contest prize fully withdrawable.

Applying Method:

If you don’t have an account with FXCm then follow from the first terms if have an account then you can follow from 3rd terms

          1. Open a live trading account from Africa

          2. Deposit at least $500 on your account

          3. Eligible clients will be registered automatically.

          4. To be eligible for the contest you have to keep your account equity at minimum$500 USD.

Terms and conditions:

          1. This contest is for only African clients from following countries: (Angola, Botswana,                     Gambia, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra                            Leone, South Africa, Swaziland (Eswatini), Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia).

          2. Only FXCM Platform& MT4 platforms are eligible for this contest.

          3. The client has to keep balance as equity of $500 USD at the beginning of the month.

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