Forexrace 1800 GBP Demo Trading Contest - 2020

Participate in Forex Race Demo Trading Contests and win Incredible prizes delivered in Present Cards. The involvement is entirely risk-free and no real money is involved. The initial 25 ranked competition participants win. The competition accounts are rated by the time that every player reaches 200% accounts return, so the very first that reaches that yield wins the Forex Race, the next which reaches it'll be second from the race position and so forth. The accounts which haven't completed the Forex Race /i.e. who haven't attained the 200% return markers / are rated by their own existing account return, taking into account all opened and closed places.

Connect Affix: Forexrace demo contest

Registration: Until 2019/10/02 00:00 (GMT)

Contest Start: 2019/09/15 21:05 (GMT)

Contest End: 2019/10/04 20:55 (GMT)

Prizes: The prize fund of the contest is GBP 1,800

How to apply:

  • Open an account.
  • Verify your Identity.

Proposal Terms:

  • The contest is held on MT4 Platform.
  • A competitor cannot operate multiple accounts.
  • The leverage for forex trading is 1:200

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